Pigged-Out: The Love Desserts' Experience

11:58 PM

After a stressful week, with all the exams and work load, I was able to reward myself today by eating my heart out with my BFF Mean! I have no class today, but I still went to Mendiola to deliver some goodies to our client in "Burloloy", my recent business venture with Emy and Ann. I might write a separate entry for that but you may like our facebook page now to see a perky-quirky-accessories that will suit up your simple get-up. Anyway back to my piggy day, I waited for Mary Ann's class to finish and dragged her to watch the Katy Perry movie, but to my dismay it's still coming soon demmit. (This is my second failed attempt) So the piggy day was, in fact, not included in my plan to begin with. (hahaha) . So much for the long intro and let's get down to the food craze!

So from SM North, we took a cab and headed off to Banawe. It was my first time to explore the place and it was really surrounded by a lot of restaurants, it's haven for food lovers out there. Anyway, Mean was really talking about the "Love Desserts" place since forever where you can experience a buffet of desserts for only Php 199. I was skeptical at first, since I know how much these sweets costs (i.e. cakes, crepes) but I said why not give it a try today. So there, I was a little bit hungry so I am somehow prepared for this gluttonous night. 

Located at 915 Banawe st. corner Del Monte, Q.C. 

When we entered the place, we saw a group of students, and food!! Hahaha. I can't believe it! The place is small, but the food, I must say is jam-packed. The "katakawan" in me appeared upon sight of food. LOL! Actually I was tempted to get my plate as soon as we set our foot in the entrance and fill it with food before we find a seat, but according to Mean, that is not the procedure there. haha. So, we were guided by their personnel to our seat and gave us our table number. By the way, the sad part is, you are only allowed to stay for a maximum of two (2) hours. So we get there at exactly 6:35 PM. 

Remember: No left-over

Time In, Time Out
Since we were being timed, we just left our bags in the seats and excitedly went off to the buffet! Yikes, so many choice and most of it are sweets. (I forgot that I have a weak tolerance over sweets. tsk!) 

Cakes and Cupcakes

The Crepe and Ice Cream Section

For my first strike, I made it light. I chose 1 variant of cake, a cupcake, the cheese sticks. One advice, although I love it there, I don't like their cupcakes, so try it on your on risk. I also got our crepe! Sadly, there was no Mango-filled crepe, so I went for Apple crepe and Mean tried to have her crepe with mixed Peach and Banana filling. 

For my first strike

Apple-filled Crepe with Caramel toppings

Mean with her mixed Peach and Banana Crepe

Me, feeling the crepe! LOL

After this, we still went to the second strike before we decided to try-out their ice-cream. By the way their ice-cream is big scoop and it is very yummy, we chose the avocado flavor!!! 

I made it light because I'm nearly full

Savoring the unique Avocado Ice Cream
The third strike was not included here (so you'll not judge me!:p), but let me share our favorite part. It's the Mangga with Bagoong! OMG! hahaha we went for it like six (6) times up to the last minute. I know, I know, it's not a good combination with the sweets but it was really awesome! Finally, I rested with hot tea. By the way, I've only posted few choices here, but you can also try their milk tea, breads, chocolate fondue, a lot of flavored ice creams and other choices of crepes, as I remember, they have blueberry, strawberry etc. They also have chili-flavored cheese-sticks and ensalada, I guess to neutralize the sweetness. 

Overall, the experience was great! I was really full that I suddenly felt tired eating and just sleep. (very pig!) We stayed up to our maximum time hahaha. It was indeed "Sulit" at "Uulitin" mo talaga siya. We only paid for 398php nothing more, nothing less. If I have to rate it, I'll rate it 8, 10 being the highest and I will highly recommend it to everyone. Not bad, it's just that I am not really a "sweets lover" :) 

Ciao! Until the next pigged-out escapade! :p

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