The end is just the beginning

5:10 PM

As my birthday is fast approaching, a new door has opened for me to move on to the next chapter of my life. I don't know how to describe this new door and more so, how to treat it, but this new door has opened its way for me to be more independent and strong enough to be more dependable. To be honest, this has really caught me off-guard. It is ironic how life events can suddenly turn that will shake one's faith, strength and determination in a snap.

The journey we called life has its own secrets and peculiar way of  writing a life story, when you thought you are planning your life as you thought it should be, it will suddenly tossed, surprising you with a big slapped in the face.

If you ask would ask me months ago if I was doing fine, I can safely say that I am living my life to the fullest. I am content and I cannot think of something more to wish for? I have my family, my career and law school. Never in wildest imagination that a problem is about to unfold, well I guess it happens. To quote, "shit happens", really, and a lot. I was shocked and dumbfounded It pains me, it pained me to the point of being forced to take a break in order to regain myself and stand again. I just realize that sometimes, what you do will not be enough, or to some extent will never really be enough even you have sacrificed everything that you have. I know this is just another phase. I've had problems, but, I am okay. I know I am okay for now.

Life goes on… and so I must too.

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