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As promised, here is the counterpart of my blog entry Top 10 boybands of all time. Presenting the top 10 girl groups/duo of all time. Girl groups might be a thing in the past already, (except from the girl k-pop group today), nevertheless they have produced quality songs, some, also considered classics. In fact, some of our famous solo artists today came from these girl groups. To be honest,  I've had a hard time coming up with this top 10 because there are only few who really made it big here in the Philippines. In any case here is my list :) Enjoy!

10) t.A.T.U

This duo is from Russia composed of Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova. They were mainstream here in the Philippines during the early 2000. There were rumors that Lena and Yulia were lesbians but both of them denied such fact. Their songs are usually loud and rebellious.

You shut your mouth
How can you say
I go about things the wrong way
I am a human and i need to be loved
Just like everybody else does

9) SVW or Sister With Voices

Their name might not be popular but their "weak" song is one of the classics here in the Philippines. In fact it is also one of the most played song in every karaoke/videoke hub here!:) 

I get so weak in the knees I can hardly speak.
I lose all control and something takes over me.
In a daze, your love's so amazing, it's not a phase.
I want you to stay with me, by my side.
I swallow my pride, your love is so sweet.
It knocks me right off of my feet.
I can't explain why your loving makes me weak.

8) Sugarbabes

This girl group became famous with their song "Push the Button". "Push the button has been the favorite dance song in every corner of the streets during mid 2000's. Just a trivia, one of the original members of this group, Mutya Buena is a filipino. 

If you're ready for me boy 
You'd better push the button and let me know 
Before I get the wrong idea and go 
You're gonna miss the freak that I control

7) Atomic Kitten

I am sure you already miss this girl group who has produce quite a lot of hits here in the Philippines. They became famous here because of their aongs "Tide is high" and their remake of eternal flame. 

The tide is high 
But I'm holding on 
I'm gonna be your number one 
The tide is high 
But I'm holding on 
I'm gonna be your number one 

6) All Saints

They are the girl group who popularized the song "Never ever". A lot of people have actually memorized the intro of this song. I

A few questions that I need to know
how you could ever hurt me so
I need to know what I've done wrong
and how long it's been going on
Was it that I never paid enough attention?
Or did I not give enough affection?
Not only will your answers keep me sane
but I'll know never to make the same mistake again
You can tell me to my face or even on the phone
You can write it in a letter, either way, I have to know
Did I never treat you right?
Did I always start the fight?
Either way, I'm going out of my mind
all the answers to my questions
I have to find
5) M2M

Who would forget this girl group? They were so mainstream here in the Philippines just as the "Pokemon" where their song "Don't say you love me?" They have a lot of hits such as Mirror Mirror, The Day you went away" and of course the infamous "Pretty Boy." 

Don't say you love me
You don't even know me
If you really want me
Then give me some time
Don't go there baby
Not before I'm ready
Don't say your heart's in a hurry
It's not like we're gonna get married
Give me, give me some time

4) Pussycat Dolls

Who will not recognized this girl group? Before Nicole Scherzinger, there was PCD. They have popularized a lot of dance songs that made Filipinos shake their booties. By the way, Nicole is also half-Filipina and she is not your ordinary singer as she can belt out songs you wouldn't believe she can sing. I already featured her here singing the "Phantom of the Opera". 

 3) Destiny's Child

This group is really something because they have proven that a girl group can also excel individually. This is an all girl group where all of their members were mainstream. We have Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. I don't know if you will remember this song but I really love this jumpin jumpin!:) 

2) TLC

They are listed as the second best selling girl groups of all time with 50 million worth of sold albums. They are also won Grammy's in the late 90's with their "Fan Mail" best R&B album and "No Scrubs" as Best Performance by duo or group with vocal. Here in the Philippines they are famous because of their song "Unpretty'. 

I wish could tie you up in my shoes
Make you feel unpretty too
I was told I was beautiful
But what does that mean to you
Look into the mirror who's inside there
The one with the long hair
Same old me again today (yeah)

1) Spice Girls

Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want, I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha)
I wanna really, really, really wanna zigazig ah. I guess that caps it off. Do I need to explain this? hahaha kidding! I know you are all expecting this one. Of course the mother of all girl groups, the Spice Girls!

There you go! 

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