Dr. Seuss' the Lorax Movie Review

11:03 PM

You have been warned! Dr. Seuss' the Lorax is simply amazing. The movie tells us about the global problem of climate change and environment issues in a very simple term that even a four-year old kid will really understand and love.

Lorax, the orange creature, is the representative of trees who cannot talk for they have no tongues. Going deeper, I believe that this orange creature with a mustache represents the "bright future" that cannot talk nor stop the act of today's generation; the generation that is causing the deterioration of mother nature to the prejudice of the next generation . This explains the fact that even though "Once-ler" had been very abusive in cutting all trees, Lorax is powerless in stopping him. Lorax can only advise him and remind him of his broken promise. As the last piece of tree was being cut down, Lorax also disappeared which to me means that the future generation will no longer see the "bright future". As what he have said we have been forewarned.

The movie serves as an eye opener for the possibility of losing all trees in the hype of consumerism today. We might be blinded by the superficial world that most of the capitalists today are selling, but let us not forget what we have been forewarned of. We should take the climate change problem seriously and start planting trees before its too late.

I will not go into the details so as not to spoil people who have not yet watch the film, but one thing I can say, it's really a must-watched film. It has an engaging music (I've had the "Let it Grow" as my last song syndrome today) and colorful graphics. Recommended to all young and young at heart. But I believe more than the children, it should be the adults who should watch this.

On aside, I want to thank Rachel and Emy (Haberday!) for treating me to this movie. I don't regret spending some time watching this movie instead of studying for my finals!:) In addition, we are lucky to meet Sec. Lucille Sering up close and personal!  By the way, this movie is best watch in 3D, make it an IMAX to enjoy the movie experience to the highest level.

After the SM IMAX Experience of the Lorax

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  1. Hahaha! New post! Naunahan mo ako sa review. Daya. Hahaha!

    1. hahaha.. nung Saturday pa yan right after ng movie natin! hahaha dapat interactive LOL! :p


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