Welcome 2012: Ending the hopping rabbit and dancing with the dragon

10:03 PM

This is it! Three hours from now, 2011 will bid goodbye. I know, I know, this has not been the best year for me, but looking back, I nonetheless remember a lot of good things. (The bad things are just work related!) Ok, like I always do every year, I am now capping off my 2011 and here it is!!

My shoe year!

Hell yeah! I guess this has been my shoe year, I can't believe that I've already had 36 pairs in just a short span. Ironically, I started the year promising myself that I will never buy any shoes unless it's necessary, but I guess promises were really made to be broken. Ooops! I don't intend to burst the bubble of those who believe otherwise. :) 

Being promoted and being retained from school

Well, yeah although its been a really bad year in terms of my career (because of the new management), I still manage to get my promotion.The perks? Salary increase of course! :)  A very welcome consolation for all the stress I have to endure. Plus, I also manage to meet the QPI and to be retained in San Beda Lawschool.  I know my grades are not something to be proud of, but nevertheless I still made it! I passed! and that's the most important thing! :) 

My personal travel year

Yeah, I promised myself last year that I will travel this year 2011. By travelling I mean not work-related. Luckily, I was able to make it! :) I've been to Sagada during summer and Puerto Princesa in my sembreak. Though it ate a big portion of my budget but it's all worth it! :) I also manage to return to Hundred Islands in Alaminos City, Pangasinan.  

Puerto Princesa City

Me with the with the South China Sea in the backdrop in Puerto Princesa

My best friend Jui Demausa 

Jumpshot in Pandan Island

The infamous Puerto Princesa Underground River

The estuary
Hundred Islands, Alaminos Pangasinan

Me in Quezon Island in Hundred Islands

Me in the Bat Island

Sagada, Benguet Mountain Province

Me in the Sumaguing Cave

On our way to Bomok-od falls
My pet Fujira

Lastly, having a pet is the highlight of my 2011. I didn't expect that nurturing a pet will have the most awesome feeling! I love Fujira so much and he (she? because I think he's gay, like the person who gave it to me) is a very talented cat. 

So there you are! So much for 2011, and two hours from now the hopping rabbit will jump-off and bid goodbye. I am so looking forward to 2012 not because it's the end of the world (although that might be exciting too) but because 2012 will be my year! It's the year of the dragon and I'm turning 24 already! OMG!!! :p Well, I hope to dance with the dragon gracefully! 

Welcome 2012!!!! :) (It ain't the end of the world)

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