12 things to do in 2012 with BFF's

1:13 PM

The hype for the new year is already on. I am starting to recover from stress and depression. Hence, I decided to put up a new blog to replace my old blog. Unfortunately, my old blog was irretrievably lost. 

Thanks to my best buddies (Mary Ann Guibani and Jui Demausa) for helping me cope up and recover. Just to clear things out, I am not heartbroken; just frustrated. Today, I decided to throw all these negative emotions. For this new start, I will adopt "Pocketful of Sunshine" as my working mantra and finyakamasaya as the url address to remind me to stay positive. 

And to set the year right, we decided to do the "12 things to do in 2012" project. Actually, the original title which I insist was "Things to do before the world end" but they resisted in entertaining my creepy idea. LOL. Anyway here's the list.

1) Go clubbing;

2) Go hiking;

3) Fashion a new look;

4) To save, save, and save (at least 1k a month to be put in a trust fund and to be spent into something valuable);

5) Travel (Visit churches);

6) Do good. Help others.;

7) Join a fun run;

8) Go fishing or boating;

9) Organize the 'get-drunk-till-you-drop-pajama-party';

10) To have our own share of spotlight in the you tube world!;

11) To imitate a person for one day;

12) Finally, to send letter via snail mail (this got to be a serious letter writing using stationery) LOL

This is it!!! Welcome 2012!!!! We are so looking forward for you!!

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