Featured Movie: Fashion King - when fashion turns to be a powerful tool

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The last long weekend was a bit "so-so" for me since I was nursing a flu and it was like a forced weekend rest for me. In any case, I can't think of anything that will entertain me except of course my default hobby - "couching potato". 

I was looking for a light and feel good movie and I came across this Korean film titled "Fashion King" starring Joo Woon and Sulli with participation from Ahn Jae Hyun (he is the brother of Gianna Jun in the famous Korean Series, The Man Who Came From Stars). It looks really funny from the trailer - or so I thought. I actually underestimated the film to be one of those korean "cliche" romcom stories but the film discusses an issue that is deeper from all the funny remarks - that is bullying. 

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The film follows the story of a boy (Joo Woon) who was forced to transfer school due to bullying. In his new school, he found out that the more "fashionable and branded your things are"  the less vulnerable you are to bullying. But this thought was cut short, since he is pitted against a rich and famous student (Ahn Jae Hyun) whose items were all branded. He tried to fit in by buying the latest fashion item but turns out to be fake. He got flak from another student, who turns out to be another victim of fraud. Together, they find the perpetrator who eventually become their "fashion guru" that got them famous in school. The guru taught them that fashion is not about "brand" but of "class". 

The ending was really remarkable as he was forced to face again his past as a bullied student and his reaction? Well it's worth watching for.  

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