Happy birthday to the best bud in the world!!! This one's for you!

8:57 PM

New life, new school. I was so afraid with the changes in my life. I felt I was Sarah Crewe at that time, stripped off of privileges with no friends and no anything just my new life. My dad just past away, our business got bankrupt and we just loss our house. I nervously entered the door of my new classroom, I look at my new classmates and in return they looked at me in a strange way. I was the only transferee in the class. I don't know how to act, will I smile? will I introduce myself to them? I opted to be quiet and sat in the backrow seat.

Our teacher left, still nobody dared to talk to me. Until this girl with a 'kinky' hair turned around and gave me a curious and friendly smile. I smiled in return, and as I remember she asked me about the time. That is the start of a friendship honed by time and created by destiny and that was 14 years ago.

Today, the girl who smiled to me will have another year to pile. My life will never be the same without this girl, my best friend. Some say, it's hard to find a friend that will really stick around as you age, but for me, it was effortless. I guess we are really destined to be friends forever. Despite the small fights, to the chips delight and all, to the mishaps like the bombings and the budol-budol, to our first out of town travel, to her first heartbreak and to my depression, we overcame it together.

I was blessed to have a friend to grow with together, a person who despite all the bad things, will be readily available to listen and be crazy for you. She is a friend who will be rushing to your house, even at the wee hours, to help a friend who was rushed to a psychologist that turned out to be a prank. She is the only person, aside from my other BFF (Mary Ann don't kill me okay!) that can tolerate my craziness! (But you have a higher tolerance than Mary Ann! :p) She is none other than my super-uber-duper friend Juijui! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Happy happy birthday to my dearest friend Juijui! Stay crazy too and congrats to your blog! So proud of you! Wish you all the best, and more Wednesday este Birthdays to come! :p I will always be here for you, through 'thick and thin' literally or figuratively! Aja to our future dude! :) 


I am Sarah Crewe no more, from the moment that the girl named Mary Joy Demausa ask for the time and for my name, our story was like the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, we might have some differences but we are similar at the same time. More adventures to come my friend!

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  1. galing mo na magsulat neng..galing :) - S.B

    1. Super Bandam? hahaha salamat dude! :p malay mo matupad ang pangarap kong maging writer someday! Chos! :p

  2. helo cn u help me how to reach mary joy?

  3. helo cn u help me how to reach mary joy?


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